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Tree & Shrub Care

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Tree and Shrub Care, Dayton Ohio

Greentech offers Insect & Disease control services for your home’s trees and shrubs.

Most of us spend a good deal of time caring for our lawn – mowing it, feeding it – just generally keeping it healthy and great looking. But trees and shrubs need care, too – a fact that’s often overlooked.

With proper care, trees and shrubs can enhance the beauty of your home for decades to come. Without it, they can fail to thrive, or even die.

Greentech offers a variety of services that can keep your trees and shrubs happy and healthy.

Specialty Injections

Taller trees might need a little extra care to make sure they are healthy, which is why we offer specialty tree trunk injections that make sure even the tallest trees get the fertilizer and pest control help they need to thrive.

Tree and Shrub Root Feeding

Greentech offers deep root fertilization and feeding services that make sure your trees and shrubs have access to a complete set of nutrients. Our equipment makes sure that fertilizer reaches to portions of the root system most responsible for healthy growth.

Tree and Shrub Insect and Disease Control

Greentech also offers disease and pest control services for your home’s trees and shrubs – including treatments for Japanese beetle. Our technicians will make sure that your investment in these beautiful landscaping components are safe from damaging diseases and insects.

FREE Lawn Aeration Offer
Greentech Lawn & Irrigation is offering a FREE Lawn Aeration to help jump start your lawn this Spring! All you have to do is sign up for one of our affordable lawn care programs. It's that easy!