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Pest Control

Commercial & Residential Pest Control, Dayton Ohio

Pests are more than annoying, let us stop them the first time.

Warm weather means it’s time to head outside to enjoy your outdoor living space. But it also means that bugs are back. We can help remove ants and spiders from entering your home.

We treat the area of your lawn surrounding your home and your home’s foundation. Depending on your situation, we might recommend several applications over the season to keep insects under control.

We Stop the Bugs the First Time.

If you’ve ever had the interior of your home treated for insects, you know that it can be a hassle. Perimeter treatment is much easier on you and your family.

Greentech’s Perimeter Pest Control: The Best Solution.

Greentech offers “perimeter pest control” which means we get to the bugs before they get to you. We treat areas around your home and yard that either already have insect problems or that are likely to have problems.